Shadle Park Presbyterian Church

5508 North Alberta - Spokane, WA 99205 - 509-327-5522

Violin player in worship
Current Sermon Series

Our New Year sermon series is "Less is More". You want to be closer to God, but you're too busy. You can't add one more thing to your too busy life. Come try these spiritual "un-disciplines" which will add no time to your calendar, but deeply enrich your life with Jesus.

Sermon Library

Sunday Schedule

Child Care

Child care providers are available at 8:45 am every Sunday morning. Parents are invited to use this service and enjoy some free time before worship.

Sunday School

Children begin their mornings in the worship service and are dismissed to go downstairs to classrooms for grades K - 9th grade.

Children's and Youth Ministry Registration


Worship begins at 10:00 am. Worship is followed by a time to gather, visit and enjoy great coffee, healthy snacks and goodies. If you are a first time visitor, be sure to pick up a gift at the welcome table.

Other Events

Some of our small groups meet on Sundays on a regular basis. These include "Me, too!", a group for parents, grandparents and others who live or work with children with special behavioral needs. Check with the office for specific meeting times.